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SAFe 6.0 introduced a number of much-needed updates to the framework. Some say SAFe finally graduated from a high school. Indeed, now it focuses on the flow, expands Business Agility practices, embeds Kanban better (finally acknowledging its place next to scrum), clarifies the roles, and, most importantly, targets ambiguity, making the whole framework more coherent, consistent, and clear.
I’m happy to be among the first SPC’s to be certified in this updated version of the most controversial Agile framework 😀 And looking forward to explore and examine all the great ideas it now contains.

I’ve been an SPC starting with the SAFe 4.6, and I am thankful for all the work Scaled Agile, Inc. puts together to continuously evolve the framework. With SAFe 6.0 released just today, I have now successfully earned my SAFe® 6 Practice Consultant certification!

Now we at Maximize Agile are getting ready to offer certification programs and courses based on SAFe 6.0! Stay tuned