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Corporate leaders often associate lean-agile transformation with achieving faster delivery at lower costs. While it’s natural to prioritize the impact on the bottom line, this approach is akin to having tunnel vision that prevents us from seeing greater opportunities.

It’s essential to recognize that delivery efficiency begins long before the actual delivery phase. Many transformation or improvement initiatives often overlook this crucial starting point.

Consider this: Would you prefer to be a company that delivers the right product at a slower pace or one that delivers the wrong product rapidly?

When running a marathon, it’s not just about speed; it’s about running efficiently and consistently. Efficiency isn’t solely about speed; it’s the ability to maximize value using minimal resources. Enhancing overall efficiency requires attention to both these contributing factors.

When leaders evaluate performance based solely on year-end earnings, it tends to steer them toward prioritizing short-term gains over long-term strategic opportunities. Yet, many successful products take years to become profitable.

Long-term success hinges on value generation and a robust product strategy. Stay focused on what truly matters: generating value for customers by solving their problems and addressing their needs better than the competition. This focus guarantees a successful journey to the finish line.