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We assist organizations in achieving business agility through a thoughtfully designed, low-stress, value-driven approach to organizational change. 

Maxim Khasiev

Partner, not just a coach

With a background in Agile well before it became mainstream, I have honed my skills in leading organizations towards true agility. My expertise spans working with clients of all sizes, guiding them through their own transformational journey. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to scale, I can support you at every stage of maturity.

By gaining an understanding of your current capabilities and business goals, I am able to craft a tailored coaching and transformation strategy that is both focused and efficient. My end-to-end approach helps organizations to produce high-quality software that meets market and customer demands.

I take my clients’ challenges as my own and work in partnership with them to drive meaningful change. Your success is my top priority.

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Recent Blog Posts

The Agile transformation process is not simply a matter of applying a framework to how individuals and organizations operate. Despite the development of lightweight frameworks dating back to the 1950s, Agile is still a relatively new and constantly evolving field. Successful practitioners often require proficiency in leading change, systems thinking, relationship management, process management, psychology, and various other related disciplines. Agilists are constantly researching and discovering new insights in this field.

Through this blog, we aim to contribute to the ongoing evolution of Agile practices and share my personal experiences with others who are similarly passionate about driving positive change within organizations.

How to measure success of an Agile Transformation?

Agile metrics were always a hot topic, and as more and more organizations are making a move toward business agility, investing millions of dollars into transforming their business, more leaders wonder how the success of such transformations could be measured. Below is...

Business Outcomes over Time-to-Market

Corporate leaders often associate lean-agile transformation with achieving faster delivery at lower costs. While it's natural to prioritize the impact on the bottom line, this approach is akin to having tunnel vision that prevents us from seeing greater opportunities....

Modern Leadership: 6 Tips to Empower Teams through Effective Delegation

As leaders, we often wear many hats, but one of the most crucial skills we must cultivate is the art of delegation. In my coaching practice, I often find seasoned managers who end up taking on too many tasks themselves and feeling stressed about completing all the...

Tips to bring energy back into daily standups

Daily Stand-up is a short meeting for a team to sync on their progress towards a common goal and collectively build a plan for the day. However, despite the concept seeming simple, in my practice, I find this regular team routine to be the most misunderstood or, even...

Nurturing Effective Leadership: Bridging the Gap Between Individual Contributors and Leaders

As companies embrace a lean-agile mindset, the demand for effective leadership has never been greater. However, in my practice, I frequently encounter examples of one of the Leadership Dilemmas where in an attempt to satisfy such demand, organizations often recognize...

The Pocket Guide to Software Testing: Unveiling the Importance of Testing Types

In the ever-evolving world of software development, Agile methodologies have become the driving force behind efficient and iterative software delivery approaches. However, while Agile training primarily focuses on mindset and principles, new Agilists often lack a...

How to Design Effective Agile Teams

In one of my previous articles I had already mentioned the importance for the managers and leaders to be able to delegate work and trust their teams to find the best ways of getting it done. In my practice I often encounter an issue where a talented, responsible...

SAFe 6.0 Release – Updated Scaled Framework

SAFe 6.0 introduced a number of much-needed updates to the framework. Some say SAFe finally graduated from a high school. Indeed, now it focuses on the flow, expands Business Agility practices, embeds Kanban better (finally acknowledging its place next to scrum),...

Top Agile Metrics to Measure Delivery Performance

Are you looking for ways to measure the performance of your Agile teams and understand their delivery performance? While there are many metrics to choose from, not all of them are created equal. Additionally, the information provided online is often misleading or...

Which is Better: Work From Home or From an Office?

Working from home has become a new normal for many people around the world, especially since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as the deadly disease doesn’t pose much threat any longer, many executives take an attempt to return employees to the...


Delivery Transformation Strategy

‘One size fits all’ never works. I specialize in working with organizations to craft strategies that are tailored to their distinct environment, values, and culture. A strategy that is aligned with the organization’s unique characteristics lays the foundation for a successful transformation of work processes across the enterprise, with minimal disruption and maximum cost-efficiency.

Executive & Team Coaching

I provide guidance to organizations in shifting their mindset through a collaborative, partnership-based approach to Executive, Leadership, and Product Team coaching. My services can be tailored to meet your specific needs, whether it be a short-term engagement to jumpstart your onboarding process or a more extensive, long-term engagement to support your enterprise-wide transformation efforts.

Data-driven Improvement

Data and metrics analysis are crucial in maintaining a dynamic roadmap and quickly responding to change during an agile transformation. This applies to both product development and driving organizational change. Throughout my years of experience, I have developed a methodology that allows to collect, analyze, and action data to aid agile journeys 

Hands-on Transformation

I not only have an extensive expertise in the recruitment, training, and management of teams of delivery specialists (CoE) through the complex and nuanced challenges of day-to-day transformation activities.
But I am also skilled in working directly with agile product teams to drive delivery improvements.
I am not afraid to roll up my sleeves and “get my hands dirty” to ensure success.


Mentoring & SAFe Training

Throughout my career, I have contributed to the success of numerous agile practitioners and have also helped many with getting their foot in the door by providing them with in-depth SAFe certification training. If you’re interested in obtaining any of the SAFe certificates, or personal mentoring to boost your Agile career, or if you’d like me to conduct Agility workshops and trainings for your organization – click the button below to reach out. 

Trainings offered:


Agile Product Manager Lean Portfolio Manager Product Owner / Product Manager Agile Software Engineer SAFe Agilist SAFe Practitioner SAFe Scrum Master SAFe Advanced Scrum Master SAFe DevOps Practitioner

Data-driven Transformation

Successful transformations are not based on gut feeling, but on the hard evidence and data. I tailor transformation roadmaps not only by observing, but by measuring the dynamics of teams’, streams’, and organization-wide delivery performance. There’s no cookie-cutter approach, so why not use the data generated by teams to make the right organizational decisions? 


Success Stories

“Thank you Max; I have really appreciated your guidance and collaborative approach as we’ve adopted Agile. You were able to challenge team member’s thinking in a very easy to digest way; and shared experience based insights.”

Karen Mitchell

Product Manager, TD Securities

Hi Max, you have been my Agile coach for the past 9 months. Since my first day with PDT, you have been an encouraging and supporting coach from whom I am still learning the true way of being Agile.

As a true example of a coach, you give quality time to all of us and our respective Pods and ensure we are running smoothly. I learn a lot from you during our weekly standups and in our various PDT meetings. One of your coaching methods which I personally like is – when we are facing any roadblock with our pods and we approach you, you don’t give the solution right away (even though you know the solution). You make us think and help us arrive at the solution. The right way to be a problem solver.

Thank you so much for showing me that being a Scrum Master can be fun and not just jumping from one meeting to another 😊. I truly hope you will continue to lead the PDT team with the same passion and excellence in the future.

Thank you once more for being an amazing coach!

Sujay Ramesh

Scrum Master, TD Securities

Maxim is a very strong and skilled Agile Consultant who has not only an in-depth knowledge on Agile processes like – Scrum, Kanban, but at the same time is excellent in the particular usage of those processes along with the latest Agile delivery tools. In my experience working with him, he is always looking for opportunities to help his projects for their successful delivery, and also lends his support to fellow colleagues. His hard work, dedication, quick adaptability and overall professional attitude has paved way for his success in one of the most complex programs at TD. He would be an asset to any consulting assignment. Highly recommended.

Amit Bhan

Agile Coach, TD Bank

Thank you Max, for being an awesome person to work with, and sharing your knowledge.

You’re appreciated!

Gloria Awodeyi

Scrum Master, TD Securities

“Very focused and dependable, Maxim is a knowledgeable professional who finishes what he starts, readily contributing ideas and sharing experiences with a mindset of continuous improvement. A natural teacher when transferring knowledge, he loves challenges and provides his clients multiple ways of overcoming these challenges.

I vividly remember times he has spontaneously stepped into situations of need, taking ownership and helping our team move ahead.”

Kennedy Udida

Product Owner & Agile Consultant, VastLeap Corp

“Knowledgeable and professional coach, we had a few consultations after going through the course to tailor the concepts to our team and company and it was there that we reaped the greatest benefits. Choose Max to maximize agile!

Ann Wong

Data Analyst, Home Equity Bank

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